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Pooch Pouch

Todd’s Own ‘Pooch Pouch’

Welcome to our Website

If your dog/cat is more than just a pet why wouldn’t you want him to have the best - and the best comes from Todd’s Tasty Treats! 

We offer variety and quality in all of our products, all packed with love and care and the commitment to give you, the pet owner, the very best there is to offer.  Show him you care – shop with Todd’s Tasty Treats today!

 We hope you enjoy your visit

Dulcie & Candy

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Harness Lead

September 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

Harness Lead - 3 Leads in One!

Harness Lead – 3 Leads in One!

Harness Lead solves problems simply and gently!

Need a dog harness that stops pulling?

Harness Lead REDUCES PULLING on most dogs.

Have a Houdini dog and need a harness that your dog cannot back or slip out of?

This is an easy to use, escape artist harness. No slip, no back out, ESCAPE PROOF dog harness!*

Need a harness that fits any size or body type?

Harness Lead fits all body types, ie chubby pugs, sleek greyhounds, even giant breeds!

Looking for a lead with multiple uses?

Harness Lead is 3 LEASHES IN ONE (Harness, Collar and Slip Lead)


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