Tucker Tub Pet Food

Tucker Tub Pet Food, The all Natural Pet Food using Prime Quality Beef, Veal and Chicken of the highest and freshest standards, with fresh vegetable’s, rice, pasta and other nutritious ingredients. Cooked in natural meat juices, 100% Quality Guaranteed!   NO added Preservatives/NO added Chemicals/NO added Flavours.

Tuckertub (615x461)

Choose from -
Chicken & Rice Stew
Beef & Pasta Casserole
Chicken & Pasta Casserole
These are available in 1kg, 5kg tubs or 15kg slabs (scored into 8 portions)
Also available are -
Savoury Chicken Loaf – 2 or 4kg rolls
Beef Chicken Rice & Veg Loaf – 3 or 5kg rolls
Rabbit Mix 1kg (Quality Rabbit & Beef Mince)
Rabbit & Veg 1kg (Rabbit, Selected Vegies, Egg, Kelp & Garlic)


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